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    Get to Know What We Do

    We have established ourselves as experts in the domain of foreign exchange and money broking in Sri Lanka. Our primary focus is on facilitating intermediary services for inter-bank money market transactions. We operate under a license granted by the Central Bank, which not only certifies our operations but also closely monitors and regulates the activities of Forex and Money-broking in Sri Lanka.

    With our extensive experience spanning several years in this industry, we have acquired a deep understanding and knowledge of the market dynamics. This expertise has uniquely positioned us to offer our clients highly valuable and top-notch services. Our objective is to assist our clients in optimizing their income and achieving maximum returns on their investments.

    • Money Brokering Services

      We specialize in facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers of financial instruments, ensuring efficient and secure trades in bonds, currencies, derivatives, and commodities.

    • Interbank Brokerage

      Our expertise lies in connecting financial institutions, enabling them to manage liquidity, mitigate interest rate risks, and efficiently handle foreign exchange exposures.

    • Treasury Solutions

      We assist corporate clients in optimizing their treasury functions, offering comprehensive cash management, liquidity optimization, and risk mitigation strategies.

    • Our Vision

      To build long term and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers

    • Our Mission

      To provide our clients with the best, fastest, most profitable and innovative solutions

    • Our Belief

      To work with integrity, accountability and mutual respect

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    Money brokering plays a crucial role in the modern financial landscape, serving as a vital intermediary that facilitates transactions between buyers and sellers of financial instruments. Its significance extends to

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