We are specialists in the field of foreign exchange and money broking. We provide intermediary services
for inter-bank money market transactions to Sri Lankan and foreign financial institutions such as banks
and primary dealers. We bring together buyers and sellers, lenders and borrowers in treasury bonds and
bills, currency and financial derivatives in the local and international money and capital markets.
We carry out business under license from the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, which certifies and overseas the
activities of FOREX and money-broking in Sri Lanka.
Our local and international network ensures we have access to the best rates for long and short-term
financing, commercial paper, certificates of deposit, forward foreign exchange, bonds, medium term
notes and derivatives.
Our expertise, which spans over 30 years in the industry, has especially equipped us to provide valuable
and quality service to our clients to help maximize their income. Our client base ranges from centres
such as Bahrain, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, New York, and Mauritius.